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To actively fix an industry which we believe is profoundly broken.

As Tech Career Specialists, we want to know you, what you do and what you want to do. Our mission is to Change your life, whether it be a job closer to home, benefits for the family, working with new technologies or simply just a change of scenery, we want to hear from you.

For our outstanding clients our services are far more in-depth than what meets the eye. We delve into your business to truly understand your culture and environment, to ensure we are helping you find the right people.


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Samantha-Leigh Harper

Main Tech Career Specialist
She drives this Mother Ship, staying abreast of the latest marketing trends. Her determination and leadership is a true reflection of what the Nu Beginnings’ brand is: Changing Lives.
A devoted mother who is training for her first triathlon this year.
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Finance Director
With an office full of big billers, this young lady keeps all our finances in check. Her gracious “ness” is a pleasure to work with and she keeps our spending budget in control. She enjoys a rather umm, large glass of cab sav and enjoys relaxing in the sun.
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Justin Hayward

Team Lead
Communication is his keyword. He pushes us all to our max potential and basks in our victories, providing us with the latest relationship management tools. Extroverted Boy Genius. In his “spare” time he is a successful DJ who enjoys a cold one by the fire.
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Tech Career Specialist
Don’t let her tame and quiet nature fool you. She’s a determined individual with incredible recruiter ninja skills. She’ll go out her way to ensure you have the best opportunities. Indulging in Cape Towns finest prawns, she enjoys playing Sudoku in her spare time.
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Tech Career Specialist
With his MBA degree under his shiny belt and an aptitude for always wanting to learn, he is not shy of hard work.
Mr Funny man is ready to take on the world, changing one life at a time.
An avid mountain biker with a keen taste for fine “whining”.
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Ryan Brakspear

Tech Career Specialist
Our freshest recruit, ready for action. Geared with a go-getter attitude, Ryan is always up for a challenge! He’s quick-witted and brings a certain uniqueness to the squad at HQ. He enjoys a good hike and has an obsessive weakness for Toblerone.


It's not how we do it, it's why we do it. #ChangingLives


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