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A well-established Tech Recruitment Agency, based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and transparent, with high ethics. Whether you’re a junior, senior or management-level aspirant, we are here to ensure your career is well thought out and planned according to your needs.
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We strive to offer an excellent service, only offering the highest quality positions and aspirants through efficient delivery.

That’s me, Sam!

Starting my career in Tech Recruitment, I am one of the lucky few that found my passion in my early 20’s. The beginning of my career was a bit of a roller coaster ride, making some bad judgement calls, starting companies, joining companies, getting fired from my own company, until 2010 when Nu Beginnings was founded.




What's your salary?

There are a few active debates on LinkedIn, of course, between recruiters and candidates on why we ask for your salary. It's about time this get's addressed frankly. Honestly, we don't care to keep more personal information on file (POPI…

It's getting old now

WOW, do people love complaining about recruiters (myself included) but maybe we can all calm the hell down and give recruiters a break? Yes, there are bad recruiters, blah blah blah, as there are bad service providers, restaurants, products…

Yes, you are a recruiter.

"The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening" = Recruiter. 2017 has started slightly more aggressive towards recruiters than anticipated, so I really just felt…

Arrogant? Here's my advice to recruitment agency owners.

Just as you would run any business, so do we. However, ours is slightly harder. Every month we start fresh, no recurring income (Permanent placements only) and no pipeline that is 100% guaranteed. We work to the bone until someone STARTS at…

You will want to read this!

Here are a few facts for job seekers and clients. 1.      Your CV DOES NOT belong to an agency. The agency can only send your CV for the role you’ve given them permission for and then delete. 2.      The agency MUST get your…

"Go Away Tech Recruiters"...

Go away tech recruiters? Actually we agree, go away! What we should actually say is go away recruiters that have “warped” this industry into something ugly. Believe it or not, we have also been hounded by recruiters and we know what…

Ever Wonder What Makes Us Market Leaders?

A touch of infographic highlights the core reasons what the difference is between using an average agency versus a PHENOMENAL one.  Although we've touched on just five of the reasons, we didn't want to brag too much.  I think our work speaks…

SA's revised visa rules: What you need to know

South African Visa regulations have come under heavy scrutiny both locally and international since the changes in May 2014. South Africa is overhauling its controversial visa regulations that saw a 6% decrease in arrivals, the worst industry…

Tax Bracket Explained

So what would your expected salary be? Perhaps the most overused clichéd question used by recruiters, however the answer reveals a lot of valuable information about a candidate and perhaps even raises more questions to be answered by both parties.…

Want a Tech Career?

Our team has put together a very broad infographic, as a guide line for parents wanting to steer their children in the Tech space. There are plenty more options and career paths that can be taken. If you are in need of more information and…

Your salary

Too often opportunities are lost due to miscommunication with regards to your salary and pay slip. Here is a basic understanding of salary terminology: GROSS SALARY: Your cash component – This is the amount SARS tax’s you on. Cash + medical…

Deal with the hunt

How to deal with employees being headhunted? Unfortunately for companies in the IT industry, LinkedIn and Social Media has allowed even the novice recruiter to inspect any employee’s career movements and there is very little companies can…

Recruitment refocused

There appears to be a debate emerging as to who is a recruitment agencies actual client. Obviously the word “client” is up to interpretation, is it the party willing to pay a healthy placement fee or is it the candidate willing to trust…


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