Arrogant? Here’s my advice to recruitment agency owners.


Just as you would run any business, so do we. However, ours is slightly harder. Every month we start fresh, no recurring income (Permanent placements only) and no pipeline that is 100% guaranteed. We work to the bone until someone STARTS at the client and then we still wait to get paid. (Between 7 – 30 days). So the cash flow of running a recruitment company is TOUGH!

Now we get companies who want us to compete with 40 agencies, of which 90% aren’t APSO members or abide by any recruitment ethics. How is this a good business decision?

Or you get a client that doesn’t want to talk to you, but instead, please upload all your CV’s on their database for review. WHAT???? So now you working for free to update your clients candidate database.

Or even better, a company that doesn’t care if the agency interviewed the candidate (developer) or where they got the details, JUST GET ME THE CANDIDATE. Seriously???

So, our business model moving forward will be very simple.

  • Work with clients that respect our work.
  • Work with clients that understand quantity is NOT quality.
  • Work with clients that understand, as most industries do, recruitment has a professional standard board and should be working with agencies that abide to the legal labour regulations and ideally belong to APSO.

I wanted to end off with saying that I am not stupid. I know without clients, I have no business. I completely respect that. However, as a business owner, coming from a tough industry where work is done before payment is received, it makes the most sense to do business with the right clients. (After all, were we going to find the rest of our developers from if we worked with everyone ;))