I Have The Best Opportunity For You

Hey, recruiters! If you not working exclusively on a role, your opportunity is NOT the best one. Every other recruiter is punting it out there too. But that’s not today’s rant, and trust me, today is a BIG FAT RANT!

I hear all these recruiters battling to recruit developers and I’ve realized there is no shortage of skills. NONE whatsoever. It’s these incompetent, pathetic, uneducated recruiters pushing them all into hiding and turning them into assholes.

Yea, I get told to piss off by developers, but when I ask why, the response is standard, “because I hate recruiters, recruiters are useless” etc etc and WHY?


1.      Stop spamming developers. You making them angry. You annoying the shit out of them. It is not a numbers game, its relationships! If you don’t know that, change your career.

2.      Do not contact them at work! Just like you, they have work to do and have a boss. Be considerate.

3.      Do your research. If you want to be a TECH RECRUITER, do some homework. If I must hear one more developer complain that a recruiter contacted him for something completely not relevant, I am going to come and hunt you down. GOOGLE – use it! Javascript IS NOT Java! (and now I am getting mad)

4.      Get over the payslip. It’s their confidential information. If your client needs it, they can request it at offer stage. (yes, I could be contradicting myself here) but times are changing, the generation is changing and if you not adapting you losing! Ask what they want – make sure your client can pay it and then start your process. Why on why only deal with the salary at the end is so 1970’s?

5.      Add value. Believe it or not, developers are actually human. Interviews are nerve-wracking. Be their consultant. Guide them. Give them the correct information. It’s not about sending them a test and they must feel through the process themselves.

6.      “An awesome opportunity in Cape Town paying R100K” is not an advert. Want to grab a developer? Give them the information they can use.

Now before I start doing your job for you, please, oh please can you have a strat meeting and re-look your recruitment strategy.

And why do I feel so invested? Because I am a recruiter.

I am sick and tired of being hated! I am sick and tired of developers actually creating chat groups just to talk about recruiters. YES, that actually happens, and if you must read what they say, you would die. Hell, there is a group that openly states “let’s chat about the demise of tech recruiters”.  (I don’t agree with this and actually thinking of writing a blog of how sad I think it is to spend all day talking about recruiters, but let’s leave that there for now)