I’m not an estate agent!

The more recruiters that have access to your CV, the higher your chance is of getting a job. Well, no. That couldn’t be further than the truth.

First off, the recruiter you decide to partner with is your face. We take all your personal and professional information, interview you to get the inside scope, then present this to our client. Can you imagine what partnering with the wrong recruiter can do to your reputation? (I’m sure people will comment below on their past experiences) but to give you an example, we were working with a Java developer who sent his CV to 20+ other agencies, of which his CV was then spammed across the Western Cape. We followed up with him a couple of weeks later and boy oh boy was that a disaster. Agencies sent him for Front-End JavaScript roles, graphic design roles and wasted all his time. But what you as a candidate don’t often think about is how does that affect your reputation.

Every company that received his CV where he didn’t’ meet requirements, his reputation took a knock. Every interview he attended and it was the incorrect technologies, he looked unprofessional. To top this, when a client receives your CV more than once, their immediate response is: “why is he/she desperate?”, or “if they can’t manage their CV how on earth will they manage their work”.

We all know the recruitment industry is flawed and you might not have given permission, but why do you spam your CV to more than 1 agency? Why would you work with an agency that you haven’t researched? Why would you let someone represent you that you don’t know or haven’t met?

Religious reasons you can’t work at a gambling company. Ethical reasons you don’t want to work for a competitor. Now imagine the damage it does to your reputation when an agency sends your CV there.

So my plea to everyone wanting to get back into the job market. Give us a call, let’s get to know each other and put a strategy together. But don’t spam your CV, hell, you not house hunting!