“Go Away Tech Recruiters”…

Go away tech recruiters? Actually we agree, go away! What we should actually say is go away recruiters that have “warped” this industry into something ugly.
Believe it or not, we have also been hounded by recruiters and we know what the drill is with these average “recruiters”. I have been called up out of the blue by someone who is reading my name off of a call sheet, with a script in front of them followed by a monotonous drawl about ‘what are you currently doing?’. Quite frankly it is impersonal, irritating and just plain rude. Most of the time they have not even bothered to look me up on LinkedIn, which should be their first port of call. There is usually some awkward exclamation when I tell them that I am in fact also a recruiter, something perfectly visible on my LinkedIn page. They will tell you about all of these wonderful things they can offer you but keep the information to themselves and ask for your CV and documents but not be transparent with you about where they are going to send them.
So what am I saying?
I am saying that, yes, the industry is failing. It is clear to see. When people entrust their career to you, as a recruiter, they are not only counting towards your KPI’s, they are entrusting their future, their happiness and their security to you, something that is lost in the current economic conditions. The truth is, working for commission does open the door for greed to show its ugly self. It even happens with doctors. One of the most trusted professions is rife with pharmaceutical companies paying doctors to push their agendas. This issue is not solvable by restricting incentives.
What can we do?
Create a marketplace where developers can handpick jobs at their leisure and without fear of manipulation? Yes, that is definitely an option and we can see the benefits of such a marketplace where you have recruiters that are driven only for themselves. That is not the only option though, it is not even the best option. The best option will all depend on the candidate and the company, and you better believe each one is very different.
Great and specialised recruiters have made it their priority to know and understand their clients as well as know and understand their candidates. They know their clients far better than any candidate can by looking at their website and going for a few interviews and they know far more about their candidates than their clients will ever know about them.
We form relationships with clients and candidates alike, and make it our business to have those parties’ best interests at heart. We spend most of our time delving into their lives, their passions and their aspirations. We do our best to nurture these relationships long after we have placed a candidate and even more so if we haven’t managed to. To us, they are not commodities to trade in cyberspace but part of the Nu Beginnings family.
Work with a trusted Career Specialist. Not everyone holding the title, “recruiter”, knows what the difference is.