Samantha-Leigh Harper
Founder l Director l Recruiter

Outspoken and emotional, Samantha’s passion for recruitment shines through her business partners, candidates, clients, and training company, RecruitSharper. Every industry needs that Samantha to fight for its integrity, to build its reputation and exude passion.
With over 12 years Tech recruitment experience, also having the privilege of building 3 recruitment companies, Samantha is an active blogger on LinkedIn, Nu Beginnings website and RecruitSharper (to go live soon).

As the founder of Nu Beginnings, you are guaranteed to get the honest, transparent and passionate dedication from Samantha.

Contact Number:
Call (083)730-7177


Tarryn Africa
Partner l Recruiter

The backbone of Nu Beginnings. Having started with the company from the start, working from a receptionist position to consultant and now business partner. Tarryn is driven by process, facts and the structure of Human Resources. Everyone that works with Tarryn knows all the boxes will be ticked, all your options will be evaluated and you’ll be taken care as if you were her family member.

As the pillar business partner, Tarryn brings structure, sensibility, maturity and a great understanding of what is needed.


Tarryn Stringer
Partner l Recruiter

What you see is what you get with Tarryn. Her infectious bubbly personality can make even the most sceptical recruiter hater feel welcome, cared for and converted to a recruiter lover. Having studied Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Gender Studies, with work experience in Customer Service, it seems she was destined to work with people.

As one of Nu Beginnings business partners, Tarryn brings a vision of positivity, understanding, empathy, and love for what she does.