Recruitment refocused


There appears to be a debate emerging as to who is a recruitment agencies actual client. Obviously the word “client” is up to interpretation, is it the party willing to pay a healthy placement fee or is it the candidate willing to trust you with their career? That’s the debate. Here is where Nu Beginnings stand on the matter.

Many recruitment agencies seem to be finding their place in the market by wedging themselves between the company and the candidate and trying to turn that gap into the Grand Canyon in an effort to feel needed. Perhaps instead agencies need to be asking themselves the following questions, whose needs are we trying to satisfy? And why? At the end of the day it boils down to simple economics, demand and supply. Who is demanding and who are we supplying to? And in what pecking order? If any.

While we acknowledge that the party that pays for our services takes pole position, and in most other industries satisfying these needs is paramount. In the recruitment industry however, you are only as good as the candidates you offer to your client. In fact, payment is only made upon placement. Put in simple business terms, if your work is not good enough you do not get paid, no matter how many phone calls you have made or resources you have exhausted. So again it begs the question, whose needs are we trying to satisfy and why?

Majority arguments lean in favor of the client being those who are willing to fork out the money for your services. So to answer the questions we posed earlier, whose needs are we trying to satisfy, and why? We are trying to meet company’s needs so that they can pay us and we can make a profit and possibly maintain our reputation in the industry. If one were to agree with this argument 100%, you are admitting that the bulk of your operation is driven by making money. What about the quality of the candidates you are putting forward?

So let’s flip the argument, the candidates form the core of your business operation. They are the diamonds in the rough that need to be handled with care, perhaps given a good spit shine and sent to be cut into the finished product (and later sold for a healthy amount of money ;)). Focusing on why a candidate is seeking a new career path, where they come from, where do they want to go and how they are planning on getting there is perhaps some of the most important information a recruiter could obtain. So let us ask the same question again, whose needs are we trying to satisfy and why? We are trying to find our candidates the right opportunity that meets their career needs and helps them provide for the future so that we can better meet the companies requirements and add real value to their operation. Agree with this 100%? You are adding value to your candidate so that you can add value to the companies you deal with. Your focus is on adding all round value.

So where do Nu Beginnings stand on the matter? While we respect our relationship with our company clients, however we also realize that without a proper relationship with our candidate clients we have very little to offer both parties. The relationship between agency and company is based on us understanding their needs inside and out and being able to fill those needs with the appropriate resources. What happens to that relationship if we can’t do that?

So the short and sweet of it all, everyone matters, treat everyone as a client and you will form proper relationships on both sides and bridge the gap between the two.