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Here are a few facts for job seekers and clients.

1.      Your CV DOES NOT belong to an agency. The agency can only send your CV for the role you’ve given them permission for and then delete.

2.      The agency MUST get your consent for every single position they would like to put you forward for and they MUST tell you who the client is. You do not sign one piece of paper and then they own you. Do not get bullied!

3.      If at any stage you are unhappy with the service of the recruiter, you have full right to retract your CV. All you need to do is send an email, clearly stating you are RETRACTING your CV and they MUST delete it off their database.

4.      A CV DOES NOT belong to a recruiter for 12 months. No matter what T&C’s you have signed or they have sent you, according to the law (POPI Act), once you have completed the recruitment process (i.e been declined, role put on hold etc), you are no longer in the process and the agency has NO ownership over you.

5.       There is NO rule in SA that will stand for the argument of the first agency to send the CV runs with the process. It’s the agency that has permission to send the CV, the agency that has interviewed the candidate and the agency that sets up the interview. CLIENTS, please don’t be pressurizes by the agencies spamming CV’s and then demanding payment or for you to work with them.

6.      Only once you arrange an interview with the candidate, are you then in a business transaction with the agency. You have full right to choose what agency you want to work with.

7.      CLIENT, after the interview process, according to the POPI Act, you HAVE TO delete the candidate’s details. Under no circumstance are you legally allowed to create your own database.

And together, we will fix this industry one step at a time.

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