Your salary


Too often opportunities are lost due to miscommunication with regards to your salary and pay slip.

Here is a basic understanding of salary terminology:

GROSS SALARY: Your cash component – This is the amount SARS tax’s you on. Cash + medical and provident.

NET SALARY: What you receive in your bank account. This is the amount after all your deductions have come off.

COST TO COMPANY: What do you cost your current employer?  Gross salary, benefits, perks and perquisites – Medical Aid, Pension, DSTV, Parking, Lunch, Bonus


Don’t forget to check how many days leave you get – that varies and could make an offer more or less attractive.

Leave that is not taken and accumulated is also paid out when you leave.

Does your company offer free training – this is a great perk.

Tell the consultant when your next possible increase will be expected – that changes your expectations.

Benefits like internet, PC, Cell phone which won’t reflect on your pay slip needs to be communicated from the start.

If you are a commission earner – more than 3 months pay slips will be requested to calculate an average.

After resigning (and you receive Provident benefits), remember this can be cashed out.


MARKET RELATED – I believe has nothing to do with your salary. How company A values a developer to company B , can literally differ by R10 000.

Don’t make yourself an average with “market related” salary; prove to your next possible employer your value – the money will then follow.

Don’t lie!

Be realistic.

And if in doubt, give us a shout – we are here to assist!